Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kyary in NYC~

This past weekend I saw Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in New York City~ It was so much fun ^-^ there were so many awesome people there.  My mom drove my friend Ashi and I, and stood in line with us for two hours.  I'm so grateful I have such a patient mother ^o^

While I was waiting in the line I couldn't believe that I was actually gonna see Kyary.  I felt like I was living, but I was also dead, you know? The line was really interesting because in back of us, there was a five year old girl with her eighteen year old brother and her father.  In front of us was an Asian man, he looked about forty.  Kyary unites people of all ages, genders, and races!

I saw many girls in full lolita! It was so cute~ They were also wearing heals, I don't know how they survived with them on (*_*)?  People passing by the line for the concert were so confused.  I don't blame them.  It was Harajuku heaven (@_@)

The concert was at Best Buy Theater.  Its general admission, so its a standing concert, but there are seats in the very back.  That's where my mom sat heheh
The doors opened at 7 PM, the show started at 8.  We got there early, and we ran into the venue, and Ash and I ended up being 15 feet away from the stage! We had to stand there for an hour because we got there so early though T_T We were talking to some Japanese girls a little younger than us standing in front of us. They told me I had good Japanese pronunciation which made me happy because I think that I over-pronounce words sometimes -_-;;

While we were waiting for the show to start, I remembered I had seen a video where everyone was chanting "Kyary! Kyary!" and I started chanting it a bit quietly and backed down *^* but then the Japanese girls heard me and continued to chant it.  Soon the entire audience was chanting it! It felt amazing cuz...well...i started it x3

It was so exciting when the show started..ohh my goodness it was amazing > < Kyary-chan was so cute. The backup dancers were so sharp and spot-on with every move of their dances, and they also had really funny facial expressions hahaha.  Kyary was reading English from a paper, it was so bad but at least she tried lol.  For the rest of the show she spoke Japanese.  The first song she sang was "Invader Invader", it got everyone super pumped! She sang a lot of songs like PonPonPon, Fashion Monster, Tsukema Tsukeru, and Ninjari Bang Bang.  She also sang her new song, Yumeno Hajima Ring Ring.
My favorite song she performed was Fashion Monster x3 everyone kept doing this single creepy motion with their hand, and it looked as if everybody was rising from the dead!

I think that Kyary holds a very meaningful position in today's culture. Rather than telling people to go out and party away your heart and soul like several other artists, she tells people to follow their dreams and be themselves.  She is so different, its so refreshing.
The beauty of this concert is that is made random people in weird clothes dance and sing in Japanese together.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm alive ^^

Hello lovelies ~ this is just a post to let you know that I'm not dead. wa~ life has been slow.  I'm busy with school.  Today I spent two hours working on this blog and got nothing accomplished ^-^;;
So...what's going on right now..?
This morning it started snowing, so that made me happy. 
I might go to a Maid CafĂ© in Chinatown soon.  We'll see. 
I made friends with a Chinese exchange student ^_^ her name is Eleven and we both love EXO, the Korean boy group.  yeyyyyy >u< a k-pop friend
that's all.  see? my life is a little boring.  bleh.  see you soon.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hetalia Day NYC 2013

I got back from Hetalia Day in New York City yesterday! I had such a great time! This was my first time at Hetalia Day and I definitely want to go back next year.  Of course, Hetalia Day takes place on the Saturday after United Nations Day.  If you don't live near New York and would like to go to Hetalia Day, don't panic.  Hetalia Day is an international event, all hosted on the same day, all around the world.  Check out the website (link at the bottom) and see which Hetalia Day location is closest to you.
For those of you who don't know what Hetalia is, Hetalia is an anime (originally a webcomic) in which all of the characters represent countries and reflect their personalities.  For example, America is a guy with a big ego that can't stop stuffing his face with hamburgers.  Offensive, yes, but very funny.  
At Hetalia Day almost everyone was cosplayed in one way or another.  I cosplayed feminine Austria ^_^ No one knew who I was because my cosplay was effortless :D. Some people got really serious with their cosplay and looked EXACTLY like the character.  Maybe I'll get serious one day...when I have money...ahahah -_-; 
If you don't have the resources for making/buying a cosplay, wear a traditional clothes of a country you like! The purpose of Hetalia day isn't just to celebrate the anime, it is also to celebrate different cultures of countries around the world.
There were a dozen confused parents sitting around, probably asking each other about what the hell was going on.  Lost parents are always present at these types of events, dragged along by their children.
There was a table of snacks and, of course, PASTA!!! A raffle was set up with prizes, such as a chocolate mint bunny plush. There were also vendors, but very few.  The event is completely free of charge if you don't want to buy anything.  The only thing I bought was a Hetalia Day shirt for $15...kind of overpriced, but it was a cute shirt.  I wanted a flower crown but you had to preorder one from the Facebook page, which I wasn't aware of (sad T.T) 
There was a photo shoot, which anyone cosplayed as a country could take part in (even casual cosplays).  There was one group picture and the rest were theme pictures, such as Asia, Western Europe, Nordic, and micro-nations (Sealand ^_^)

If you're a Hetalian, GO TO HETALIA DAY! You'll have a great time.  Bring a blanket to sit on, a camera, and $30 at most.

Hetalia Day website: hetalia-day.com

Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Beautiful Deformity"

Hi everyone! In this post I'm going to be reviewing the new album of one of my favorite bands, The Gazette.  Their album, "Beautiful Deformity", was released on October 23, 2013.  The Gazette being one of the most successful rock bands in Japan, the album was already doing well from the moment that it went up for pre-order.  The Gazette is always trying new things, which is part of the reason why people love them so very much.  Any long-time fan can tell that this album is sheer evidence that the band is experimenting with sounds, constantly blending and combining them.  This album sounds like a cross between their two previous albums, "Division" and "DIM".  It is one of Gazette's more violent albums, having less ballads and more hardcore songs. The band is still incorporating electronic elements into their songs, making them sound dynamic and loud. The guitars on this album are mediocre; I don't remember hearing more than one solo.  However, the beat of each song completely makes up for it.  Ruki's vocals, as always, are fabulous.  He includes a collection of his signature riffs and whispers (the whispers are the best, super sexy!)  The intro and outro songs are magnificent; the intro is borderline dubstep and the outro is a beautiful acoustic guitar instrumental track, with Ruki occasionally whispering.  Next topic: Engrish.  Ruki's English has definitely improved; you can actually hear and understand the words he says if you listen closely.  The album in general includes a good amount of English.  The album includes songs from every member of the band, including both Kai and Reita (who almost never write songs.)  As usual, Ruki wrote the most songs out of each member.  The album art may appear to be a bit...odd.  It features the head of a creature whose face is five animals morphed together, symbolizing the five members of the band working together to make something absolutely beautiful.
This album is available on iTunes for $9.99.  I'm very pleased with it.  Please support the band and check out this beautiful album!